Getting Started

BalancerV2 simulations is an open source implementation of BalancerV2 in python with the aim of simulating the ecosystem in cadCAD, developed by the Token Engineering Community.

Welcome to BalancerV2 Simulations!

BalancerV2 simulations is a follow up of the Balancer Simulations group from November 2020. BalancerV2 is funded and supported by Balancer, PowerPool Ocean Protocol, and the Token Engineering community.

We aim to provide Token Engineering infrastructure for future token engineers hoping to use BalancerV2 in their simulations and use this for building the next generation of DeFi protocols.

If your project is building with the BalancerV2 model to join our Discord Channel and communicate with others creating balancerV2 simulations.

  • Ease access into digital twin BalancerV2 pools for anyone wanting to make a trade and see the ending result of the pool.

  • Provide an interface for easy test interactions with BalancerV2, swapping, adding liquidity, and removing it. This can be done with iPython or Jupyter Lab.

  • Develop rigorous testing for math functions to assure decimals are flowing similar to EVM.

  • Model ecosystem with agents using these balancer pools as an interactive objects.

All research is open source and transparent, and will be further developed by the Token Engineering Academy.

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